Month: May 2009

The Effect of Dramatic Skies

In photography, the success of many photos depend a lot on the composition, with the addition of a correct ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture balance.  All of these components lead to a successful exposure and hence, an eye pleasing elegant photo.  But balancing all these elements doesn’t always add the necessary drama to our captures.  It sometimes leaves our compositions… Read more →


The Modern Executive Woman

I was approached by a very good friend about a photo shoot she wanted, obviously about herself.  She is a previous model and a joy to be around, so I gladly agreed to help her out in any way possible.  It wasn’t meant to be any professional shoot but classy and casual at the same time.  I suggested her place… Read more →


Don’t Underestimate the power or RAW

Let’s start this off with a little definition of RAW.  The RAW format (or NEF in Nikon literature = Nikon Electronic File) contain all the image data required by the camera sensor.  This image information is saved completely with the file which allows a more extensive use in post-processing. After a lot of shooting in JPG  and a lot of… Read more →