The Modern Executive Woman

The Modern Executive Woman
The Modern Executive Woman

I was approached by a very good friend about a photo shoot she wanted, obviously about herself.  She is a previous model and a joy to be around, so I gladly agreed to help her out in any way possible.  It wasn’t meant to be any professional shoot but classy and casual at the same time.  I suggested her place and gave her a heads up to pick several different styles of clothing and moods to work with.  We all agreed on a day and time and scheduled on the calendar.

After that conversation, I had my own ideas of a specific photo I wanted to shoot.  In my mind I called it  “The Executive Woman”.  It’s the classy portrait of the modern working woman in her own comfortable natural environment.  It’s not an office shoot, it’s not a home, less than casual shoot either.  It’s a combination of professionalism and natural attitude in display.  It’s a way to show that a professional executive woman don’t always need to have the neat, clean, highly detailed look of having everything under control; but that she can look as casual as possible and still look as professional and classy as she really is.

With that in mind we met for the shoot.  I had my assistant with me (my wife which is really cool at playing the role), and we took the few rounds of shots. After about 45 minutes of shooting I got my idea out of the next shots I wanted to take.  She got what I had in mind, changed, sit and “voila”.  We were all very very happy with the result.  She told me she would change nothing about the pic, except for my logo which is too big.

I think I got to work on making that logo smaller.



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