The Effect of Dramatic Skies

Dramatic Sky
Dramatic Sky

In photography, the success of many photos depend a lot on the composition, with the addition of a correct ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture balance.  All of these components lead to a successful exposure and hence, an eye pleasing elegant photo.  But balancing all these elements doesn’t always add the necessary drama to our captures.  It sometimes leaves our compositions with less of a “hit”. Without that special something that makes the photo stand out.  I like to call that special something the Drama or Dramatic effect.

You can get this effect with expressions and correct light, if you are shooting portrait photography for example. Or you can also get these effects with a great sports action shot. But when shooting landscapes it becomes a little more tricky.  You can not ask a landscape to smile in a specific way to produce a more pleasing result. Neither can you ask the landscape to move to make better use of the light in your images.  But what you can do is try to look for the drama in your scenes from different sources and sometimes, or most of the times, this source comes from the sky.

Been able to capture dramatic skies allows your composition to be filled with an added drama that is always well appreciated in the final composition.  It adds that effect, feeling and eye opening “wow” that you can miss simply by taking the same photo with a different sky composition.  So when you get an opportunity try it out on your own.  Try to take similar captures of the same landscape or area; one with clear skies and another with conflicted, cloudy, strange or dramatic clouds. View them side by side in your image editing software and make your own conclusions.



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