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JpgMag is a famous (online and printed) photography magazine. Each month they have competing themes where regular and professional photographers, upload images and participate to get their images published in the printed version of the JPG Magazine.

It’s very interesting to see all the images posted by all photography enthusiasts and the imagination they use to participate in all the different themes which change every month.  I have uploaded my share of photos and browse the site regularly.

When you upload images, other members get to view and vote on them.  (Sorry, only subscribed members are able to vote on the images.  Subscription is FREE!)  They give you “props”, or they write comments and they even give a “yeah” or “nah” as a way to vote for the winning image of that specific theme.  If your image wins you will be posted in the printed version of the magazine and even earn a little cash!

The site also allows you to send email between members of the site, which all happen to be photography enthusiasts.  You can contact your favorite photographers, see who else has HOT photos and also see who was able to win theme competitions and get their images printed.  It’s a great way to learn, ask questions, get tips and interact with other photographers.

So after a few months I noticed today that one of my photos finally got HOT.  So what is hotness?  Quoted from the JPGmag site:

“When a photo is submitted to a photo challenge or theme, the photos that the community likes best become “Hot.” Hotness is determined automatically by factors including number of votes, comments, views, and favorites. A photo’s hotness is not permanent, but can change based on how the community is responding to other photos in the theme, and we recalculate hotness daily. That’s why even if nothing changes on your individual photo, its hotness could change based on the popularity of other photos within the theme.

On the JPG homepage and the first page of any particular theme, we also show a selection of the hot photos in order to highlight the best photos from the site. The photos that display on these pages are pulled at random from the hot photos that we have selected to display. Hot photos also have a banner that links to more hot photos within the theme, along with tools that make it easier for other people to promote your photo on sites like Digg, Facebook, and StumbleUpon.”

So I will enjoy the hotness of my image for whatever amount of time it remains hot!  And keep shooting and improving my skills to get more hot photos on the site.

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  1. April 30, 2010 at 1:20 pm

    I love this photo its amazing, nice shoot,


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