Doorway Icicles – Happy New Year!

Doorway Icicles
Doorway Icicles

It’s January 1st.  It’s New Years and along that line: Happy New Years to all!

I have told myself I will blog more and continually this year.  I want to make it one of my goals, as I also set a few more for 2010, trying at the same time not to overwhelm myself with too much to do or too hard to achieve commitments.  It’s customary for a lot of people to make New Years resolutions.  If they keep them, achieve them or neither is totally up to them.  But as I read an article today from a link posted on twitter, many of those new resolutions never grow past the first few weeks of the year because they are too many and too hard.  Have you ever tried to do a lot of tough things all at once?  Draining right!

For that sake I am keeping my resolutions simple and in low numbers.  Stick to them and accomplish them is my goal.  If you read many more posts this year then you know I am accomplishing one of my goals.

Enjoy my icicles.  They greeted me on New Years eve while I was opening my door that evening. All tangled with my Christmas lights they surely created a dramatic, cold and pleasant look I wanted to share with you all


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