The meaning of a conversation


Yesterday I drove to a nearby lounge to meet one of my good friends, Mr. Senti, and enjoy a good conversation and some frostys.

When I arrived I was introduced to one of the people hanging out at the lounge, a man named Bob.  We were sitting next to each other.  Bob was a grown man, with a family, a son and a great sense of humor. We just started talking.  It was a short but very constructive and nice conversation.

We talked about several things, but a few things he said were so true, they will be with me time and time again. He said, and I am trying to quote: In life “It’s always about who you know.  Now, Always and Forever”  And for the most part that statement is true. As much disposition, aptitude, attitude, and perseverance you have, its just about that person that can give you the shot, opportunity, break or chance.

Read carefully, I am not saying it’s always that way, but in most cases it is. It is just the way the world turns!!

The other thing he said was: “The world is full of takers and not many givers”  People that say: what is yours is mine and what is mine is mine.  People that just takes everything you give or share and hardly give back in the same way or quantity or quality.  And the takers will take until they cant take anymore.  So true.!

We talked for no more than 20 minutes but the things he said, the way he said them and the meaning they had in that precise moment in time are priceless.  The rest of the evening I hanged out with my friend Mr. Senti, one of the best dudes around. Enjoyed the football games, had a few frostys, shared a few jokes and remembered Bob’s words.

So people of the world, never loose your faith and keep pushing toward your goals until your break or opportunity comes.  And beware of the takers of this world.



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