Photo shoot on Water Street

Michelle Photo Shoot on Water St.
Michelle Photo Shoot on Water St.

It’s not rare for a photographer to schedule a photo shoot; but it’s not very common that the model of your photo shoot is funny, professional and prepared.  That’s what happened when Michelle and I got together for this photo shoot.  Michelle is a beautiful, tall, smart, professional real estate agent. We had already decided beforehand what would be comfortable and fun for her photos, and decided to meet at Water St. for the photo shoot.   Little did I know that this photo shoot would be so easy and so much fun.  Michelle, besides been fun and outgoing, had previous modeling experience.  She was easily directed for posing, came up with good poses on her own, and was just a natural fit and mesh for ideas. The camera loved her and she loved the surroundings.  The result was a great evening of natural brick wall backgrounds, barefoot shots and sitting on barrels!

Besides that Michelle is also a good conversationalist.  Talented professional with a lot of goals and a great sense of life and humor.  It was nice to be able to talk with her over several different topics and discuss the possibility of later photo shoots that she has in mind with her kids and family.

As a photographer the stress of a photo shoot doesn’t always change no matter how experienced you are.  A lot of things can go wrong and a lot of things can interfere with your shoot. (weather, wind, people, surroundings, etc).  But when you do have a great model or great people to work with it makes everything that much easier.

Now there is another person I would like to schedule a photo shoot with, but I haven’t been able to convince her yet…. and am not sure if I will.

But you never know!



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