Road to where?

Road to Where?
Road to Where?

Everyone has a road to follow, a path to walk, a trail to roam, a pathway to wander.  But where does it lead?  Between all the avenues which one should we follow?  That is part of the trial of life,  living,  existing.  A lot of us see the lane upon us but choose not to walk it.  Others don’t understand the lane they are supposed choose.  Another percentage takes a road and midway through their way they decide to change directions.  The path of life is not easy, it’s not always a straight road with flowers on both sides; neither it is a road with an abyss on both sides and fire from below.  No, the path of life is a conjugation of all.  Sometimes you will be walking on a brick floor with the side limiters perfectly shown like railroads; other times you will be walking on a concrete road under a burning sun; other times you will be walking in a stinky, muddy nasty swamp; and other times it will be like walking on the beach sand @ 5pm in the evening.

Your path will not be always illuminated for you, like the guide provided by a lighthouse.  It won’t have signals on its sides like streets have names. Your path will have potholes like a dark tar road in the middle of a moonless night, and you will fall in them. You will feel confused, absorbed, overwhelmed, undecided.  You will doubt yourself, your plans, your goals and actually may have to rewrite some of them.  You may want to go in one direction and it totally takes you in another.  But it won’t be life if the road was a downhill, concrete, signaled, illuminated speedway to happiness!

You may need to seek a source of guidance, of experience, of strength.  Don’t feel ashamed, do it.  But also listen to yourself, to your instincts, your inner voice, your desires, your passions.  Beware of the decisions you make and who you affect with them.  Be responsible, accountable, trustworthy and respectful to yourself and also to those that show you love, and treat you well.  Remember that you are responsible for your decisions and at the same time remember that the road is there to be walked.

Embrace yourself when you walk your road… be prepared to reshape your goals and objectives…. carry a flashlight and a coat for those long rainy nights… some high boots for those nasty swamps.. some good running shoes for those concrete roads and some flip-flops for those beach sand walks!!  Be ready to embrace on the journey of your life and follow the road to where?……. To wherever you want!

Ricardo aka @biggaboss


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