What’s out there!

Through my window

This is a view through my window, what we see through these panels is not always what’s outside. The views through our windows are not always the view of reality!

See sometimes when we look, watch or see; our vision is already altered by what’s going on in our minds.  By a constant recurring though or  excessive thinking.  It can be altered by our state of mind, our emotions, our stress level, our energy and sometimes by how much we have had to drink.  🙂  I guess what I’m really trying to say is that sometimes things can be clear, unaltered and simply right there in front of us; and we still can’t see them.

We immerse ourselves in deep thought about things that are as clear as a black spot on white paper.  We seem to complicate things as part of our nature, instead of trying to make them as simple as possible. We look at something and don’t see it for what it is, but more for how we want to view it.  We look at things and worry about what others will think.  What our enemies or foes would say.  Don’t you know, regardless, they are already talking or thinking something about you?  Sometimes your friends more than your enemies.  Does this make them less your friends or more an enemy? No, it doesn’t!  Their behavior is just part of human nature.  Don’t tell me you haven’t done it yourself before!

The view out your window is not literally what you see while watching outside from your living room or your bedroom…..  It’s what you see through your eyes. It’s your vision, your desire, your objective, your goal!  Those things that make you smile, make you wonder,  close your eyes and remember.  Those things that make your face glow and your skin shiver….. that leave you speechless when you want to talk and make you laugh when you are nervous.

Don’t let what’s out there scare you, don’t let what appears to be confusing affect what you see through your eyes!  In all reality when I took the photo through my window it was a clear blue sky with a great sunset outside!  🙂



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