Perception and our Society

Perception in our Society

In the times we live now, things are not always what they appear.  And what they appear are more important than what they actually are.  We live in a society of perception a society of “what it looks like” instead of “what it is”.  If there is something very difficult to change nowadays it’s the rules of society.  What people consider to be good or bad; right or wrong; acceptable or not!  What is perceived to be OK!!

For example, take a look at the photo in this post.  Won’t you think after seen the first photo that I could be regarded as a socially awkward introverted gamer addicted nerd?  If that was the first time you saw me won’t you think I was pulled out from the no dress class-no style salon-no game in hand group? What if you never crossed a word with me. Would that be what you think about me forever?  Or maybe the first time you saw me I was showing off an attitude like you see in the second photo.  Hard nasty look, skull on my side-way cap.  Or what if it was worst and you saw me looking like this? Would you think I am a computer systems engineer, web developer, photographer that speaks 3 languages?  Or maybe you see me like I look in the last photo.  What would you imagine? That I am a guy dressing way below my age? Something that would let me seem as immature, stylish, funny, friendly and cool.

What if I am all of them, or what if I am neither of them.  How can you tell who I really am? Only by getting to know me.  But in these times we live in now, getting to know a person is not as important as getting to talk about them without knowing them.  These are the times where the favorite topic of conversation is the life of others.  Not that I am considering that a problem.  It is when you start gossiping and creating stuff that is not there based on assumptions that you really don’t know…. that it becomes a problem.  With this I am not saying that you should deconstruct what society has based part of its foundation, generation after generation.  But put a little thought into your perceptions and your words.

People in this world and this era we live in are defined by how they are perceived and their behavior.  In this fast paced environment you can’t get to know anybody completely before granting him/her a level of trust and acceptance.  Add that to all the different degrees of personalities out there and you can easily see how things get complicated…. FAST!  People jump to quickly JUDGE others.

There is nobody on earth that is good enough to judge anybody else!  You can have your own opinion, conclusion, idea, but don’t judge, don’t hate!

There is something very true about a phrase that many people know:”People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel!”  This is so true.  Maybe people should not be defined by just that one thing (or many things) they did that made you hurt so bad.  That doesn’t necessarily make them a “bad” person.  But it surely puts a huge dent in how they are perceived and says a lot about their “personality and character”  It’s only then when these two sayings make sense: “Hate the sin, but not the sinner! Hate the act but not the person!

I am not saying that you should like everyone, but Life is too short to hate anyone!

So.. who in the photo do you think I really am?

I am all and none!



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