Alone in the Flood

Alone in the Flood

It’s hard to imagine that the tree in this image is really in the middle of a parking lot.  And that the grass we see at the bottom of the image is from the sidewalk that borders  the whole area.  Isolated and abandoned, in a position where nobody can reach it;  that’s where the tree is.  Surrounded by water  and mud, standing under an unidentifiable sky.

Is it cloudy or is it sunny? Is it windy or calm? Is it cold or warm?  By simply watching the image you wont know with certainty, but you can speculate.  You can see the light on the water coming from the left at the bottom of the image, which could let you assume with good probability that the sun was out and probably setting.  You can also see the blue sky, but the clouds, what do they really say?  You can also and assume, as the water do not appear calm, that it’s a windy day.  But how can you really know?

Aren’t we sometimes exactly like that tree?  No matter how big and successful we are; how much we are loved and cared about; how much money we have, how healthy we feel or how many friends we share with.  At times you just feel stuck in mud, with a cloudy sky on top of you, water surrounding you, and nobody near you.  People will look at you from away and assume, like the photo suggests, that the sun is out and the sky is blue.  And fail to see exactly where the tree is.

Surely they will be times when you feel that nothing is going your way, that the harder you try the more difficult it gets.  That the harder you hit the brick wall the thicker it gets.  You could think that the more you walk the darker and colder it gets.  No matter what you should never give up. Do the right thing and never give up, eventually you will be out of the situation and smiling again.  It may not be as fast as you want, and you may stumble many times along the way, but you will get there.

These are part of the stages of life.  Things you need to go through to come out stronger and ready for the other stage.  Eventually the water will reside, the mud will be cleaned up and the isolation will be no more.  The stage will be over.  What you learn from that situation will help you in the daily process of living and will prepare you for the next stage that life brings.

Ricardo – @biggaboss


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  1. Julian
    November 18, 2010 at 9:36 pm

    Looks like the cover of a CD/DVD.
    Very nice Ricardo.

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