We are Family

Me and my Mom

They are things in life that can not be replaced or compared.  That can not be explained or completely understood. One of those things is family, but more precisely a mother-son relationship.  There is only one mom for every person, and my mom is most likely the best of them all.

Being a mother is a very difficult task.  Raising and taking care of a family, of a son; keeping the financial situation of your home stable; taking care of all her child needs until you are in a position to take care of yourself.  Standing strict on rules when at times you, the kid, do not understand.  Risking herself to feel momentarily un-loved or “mad at” for the sake of your future better well being.  Taking the blame for situations that were not fully under her control. Sacrificing herself and her needs and happiness for yours.  Conflicting with your ideas just to show you that they are other ways you may not see at the moment.  Supporting you when you need a shoulder to cry and shaking you hard when you need a good “tough up” moment.  Providing words of advice and wisdom that will help you continue, survive and surpass some of the wickedest low balls life can throw at you.

Being a mother is not only being there to enjoy your successes; it’s being directly reason/part of your success. Is being strong when you have no more strength and finding a way when there is no more road ahead.  Is being attentive, decisive and understanding.  Is having the ability to discern,  punish and reward without a training manual.  Is nothing to be easily explained but whose love can be easily experienced.

Today is my Mom’s birthday.  To the person that has always being an inspiration to me and the woman I look up to as a fundamental part in my life! The one who has cared, provided and taught me so much.  The same one who has punished me and made me mad at times also, but mostly for my own good.  To a rock and a foundation, pillars of strength and determination.  To the woman that gave me the gift of life and will always provide unconditional love.

To you mom: THANK YOU!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Celebrate many many more and may God Bless you!

I LOVE YOU so dearly!

Ricardo – @biggaboss


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