Life is ephemeral

Life is Ephemeral

The title is as true as it is hard to comprehend.  But yes, Life is Ephemeral.  Wait, don’t reject the idea, don’t deny, obstruct, refuse, renounce it.  Don’t treat it as disbelief.  Just think about it for a while…. Let it rest in your thoughts, your mind, your thinking.  It’s really not that hard to believe, absorb, comprehend.

Our physical time is counted, and it goes by in a bliss.  If you analyze it, every second that passes, is a second less for each and every one of us.  Every breath, every blink, every minute, hour or day is one less.  From the moment we born as much as we start growing and learning we start counting back.  And time goes by so fast that we fail to realize how fast, transitory and short-lived life is.

Now with this I am not trying to be dreadful or pessimistic.  I am not trying to bring you down or give you “the blues”.  If you decide to get down on yourself, be sad and pessimistic for the rest of the day/night (or the rest of your life) that is your choice.  All I am saying is: things go by in such a bliss, that we should spend more of our time trying to enjoy the beauty of everything, rather than just going through the motions of our existence.  Hold on now, I am not trying to give you an excuse to open debauchery, licentiousness, profligacy and all similar.  I am not giving you an excuse to say: “I will live crazy now and everything  should be accepted as they may be no tomorrow”.  Or “I have license to do whatever I want, no matter who is hurt, because there is only one life and I need to live it now”.   If you thought that’s what I was trying to say, you got it all wrong.  This is not an excuse for frugality and principle-less living.  Is not a free pass for mischievous  conduct or indecency.

All I am saying is: “Just Live!”  We spend so much time wondering about the unknown, delaying our decisions for the best available time or the better time.  Refraining from choice because the situation is not “perfect”.  Struggling and fighting a battle between our desires and our society; between what we want and what others think.  Between how we feel and how we “should” feel. Avoiding that so desirable moment because the timing is a bit off, or the planets are not aligned.  Because it is not “exactly” what you want; or should I say, is not the “perfect” situation you are longing for.  We seem to delay all for that future better time, when all will “magically” come together…… forgetting how ephemeral life really is!

Don’t get stuck in those moments of life ineptitude that can last for days, weeks or even months. Find your passion, hobby, niche, look for the beauty in the most common things.  Embrace it and enjoy it.  Don’t  wait until the “perfect” time to talk to that person you are interested in or to say the “I’m sorry” that is long overdue.  Don’t take those times when the going gets tough, to lay down and dwell in misery, as each moment (easy, happy, sad, difficult, unbelievably-hard) has a lesson to embrace and a purpose for your life.  Believe in yourself and ……. LIVE!

Because nobody can guarantee that a future moment will come, where all timing will be perfect and everything will be smooth. At least not on this earthly life.

So make the most of what you have now as you don’t know what will happen ……  and how ephemeral life can be ……. in the blink of an eye!



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  1. Enjoying
    April 4, 2011 at 6:46 pm

    I enjoy what I have right…! 🙂
    As always, you have some interesting perspective Mister.

    In the blink of an eye, all was fixed! BAM! POOF!

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