Passengers on the Train of Life

Passenger on the Train of Life

Today I was talking to a friend and giving her my point of view about decisions when she said: “I will wait, maybe it changes.” Then she left.

After that exchange of ideas, I sat and thought for a minute.  “Life is short!  It’s Ephemeral” – I said to myself.  We all live in this world and we are all aboard some sort of train.  We are all passengers on The Train of Life.  We are constantly going: day and night; up and down; north, south, east or west; constantly on the railroad to our final destination, to the only thing inevitable in this life is, which is death itself.

This trip is made up of several several stages,  each one can be represented by the cars that make up this train.  Sometimes you are in the first car, with your head out a window, all excited to see the train going and feeling the breeze on your face. Other times you are in another car working hard to keep the engine going. Later you are in another car where all seats are taken and you have to stand for the majority of the trip.  And maybe sometimes you are in a car with a lot of leg room where you can sit and relax.  It always changes, it’s never the same!  The ride in general also represents stages of your life.  Riding by the beautiful mountains (when things are going good) and traveling through the stinking deep valleys (when things are going bad); passing close to the sea shore at dawn watching the sun come up above the sea (the beauty of being happy) and going through endless tunnels of darkness (the shadows of being sad).  Wherever you are the train keeps going.

That said, let’s return to what my friend mentioned earlier; which is what made me think about all of this: “I will wait.”  Here is the way I view it.  In life when you want something, when you like something, you have to go and get it.  You have to get off your train and go and get what you want (because what you want is not always on the same train or on the train itself).  You go with purpose, dedication, determination… like a mission.  Sometimes you are going to achieve it, and other times you won’t.  Sometimes who you like, likes you.  And sometimes they don’t like you back.  Sometimes it’s done and sometimes it cant be.  Whatever the result is, you have to get back on the train and move on.

How many times have we heard/seeing someone that stayed there and waited, for something he/she didn’t even know about.  Sat, waited and saw all the train cars pass…. his/her cars pass by.  And when they realized it, so much time had passed (so much cars were gone) that life had just passed them by.  Then they asked themselves: What happened?  Well, I will answer you: Life kept going, life moved on! Because life doesn’t wait for anyone!

So when you find something you want, someone you like; and you get off the train to pursue it…… be that you achieve it or not, remember there is no waiting time.  Life is short, time is precious… get back on that train.  You can’t always sit back and say: “I will wait, maybe it changes.”  Because: why would you sit and wait for something or someone, when life waits for nothing or no one?

Chu-Chu! Are you back on your train my friend?

Ricardo aka @biggaboss


  2 comments for “Passengers on the Train of Life

  1. kerube Shepherd
    January 19, 2012 at 7:12 am

    Lovely words my friend. And yes I’ve had ups and downs and yes I’ve waited too, and just like you said, almost everybody moved forward while I waited for an answer that nobody could give because the only one who had it, was myself. But I’m so ready to get back on that train, enjoy life and be happy. Tnx again for those words, they really mean a lot to me my friend. Hugs and Kisses

  2. January 19, 2012 at 10:48 am

    All ABOARD! I’m jumping on ALWAYS! I love this analogy Ricardo! Thanks.

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