This is me in 2009…What you see in this photo is exactly how I was feeling.  My *feelings*, my emotions, my baggage, my confusion, my disbelief, my *pain*.  I had just purchased my DSLR which proved to be one of the most therapeutic and fantastic outlets for me at the time.  It was rough, it was tough, it was difficult, it was hard.

I took this photo in an Attic (don’t worry, I just went in there to take the photo).  I still own the jacket, the pants and the T-shirt!  But I no longer carry the pain or the hurt.  Times are better, life is good. Time cures and heals the deepest of wounds…. even what seems incurable at the time.

I realized, after all, how tough a person can be, how tough a person I am…. and how determination, persistence and perseverance; together with hope, faith and belief, can carry you a long way.  A strong base and good raising by mom and grandmother, and a trust and belief in yourself.  All together, without underestimating the support of friends and family, are pillars to help you get through anything.

So my friends… I just want to tell you… whatever you are going through at the moment, no matter how difficult it is, times will change and things *CAN* get better.  Just persevere, be persistent, believe in yourself and work hard towards your goals. Accept the support and keep on carrying on!

Here is a little more vulnerability and softness of the Dark Chocolate 🙂   You guys like to think I am pretty Bad Ass!! Well, Hell yeah I am a BadAss… after going through some painful stuff, nobody can be more BadAss than yourself!!




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  1. March 15, 2012 at 9:01 pm

    That’s right! BE badass! 😀

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