PlusOneCollection and Me


Look what finally got delivered to my apartment, well actually it got delivered a week ago.  The PlusOneCollection Photography Book.  This book has the collective work of some of the best known photographers nowadays.  So, how did this happen?

Well by now a lot of people know about Google+, this new platform developed by google to manage and attract social media.  There is a huge community of photographers there, and one of them, Ivan Makarov, took the initiative to start this project.  And just like that, with the help of a lot of  professionals, volunteering their time and efforts, the catalog was taken from a dream to complete fruition.  How soon? About 3 months give or take.  You can read more about this from an article on Forbes (yes, we have an article there).  The article mentions a lot more of the people involved.

If you check on the PlusOneCollection site you can see there is a hardcover version of the book, a soft cover version and an e-book.  The printed books have more than 190 carefully selected photos; and the e-book version has over 500 photos.  The eBook is Amazing.  The printed version is invaluable.  A limited edition of the book (that is no longer available) was sold at the beginning and the reception was absolutely incredible.  All proceeds, by the way, are going to Kiva.

So why am I posting about this you ask?  Well because  and I am proud to say my work is also present in the pages of this book.  One of my photos was selected to be part of this project. So yes, I am a part of this super creation and trust me, being part of it feels absolutely awesome.  To have my work paired up with some of the biggest names in photography at the time is a good feeling.  They are also a lot of Google+ friends that participated and were selected to be printed in this collection. It all makes it feel like a huge happy family.

So head over to the website, check it out and if you are a fan of photography and art, get the book.  You won’t regret it.   Oh, and if you are wondering what photo got printed, you can find the photo here.   What do you think about this project? Pretty neat uh!


  2 comments for “PlusOneCollection and Me

  1. April 3, 2012 at 5:34 pm

    Kiva, the book, and your opportunity to have one of your images inside are all great things to hear about! Thank you for posting!

  2. Hope
    January 4, 2013 at 10:20 am

    *BAM*…. what a wonderful feeling.. really am excited for you..
    congratulation.. your work has been very inspiring for me..
    and I know for a lot of others as well… cheering you on Ricardo

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