Project 52 Selfies | #Project52Selfies
Week 13

Smugmug Hoodie
Smugmug Hoodie

So you know… when you get something in your mailbox, and you are like grinning when you hold the package in your hands.  Well that was me the other day.  So you wonder why I was grinning and smiling!! Well +SmugMug

I got my Smugmug Hoodie, thanks to some amazing tips from the Queen of#BathroomSelfies and a lot of other radical things +Lotus Carroll and courtesy of the one and only Extraordinaire +Katherine Cheng and the whole+SmugMug Corporation of Awesomeness.  So…. I wanted to show everybody and the world, how good and comfortable this Hoodie is….. plus it makes you look GOOD!!

For those who dont know (but you should)…. Smugmug is a website designed for photographers to easily be able to sell and share their work.  Yep, uhumm, they help you sell your photographs and you don’t have to overwork your brain cells thinking how to do it.  If you haven’t yet you should look them up, they are top of the line and their customer service is second to none!!  Plus they have an amazing and interactive crew of team members working there and also all over social media.

So I want to thank +SmugMug and all its crew for this Hoodie Gift and let you all know that you ROCK

Oh and +Michael Bonocore …… I have another photo soon coming for you… but for now deal with this one.  Look at it… long and steady…. see that face …. see the face that is going to take over Smugmug marketing and modeling.  I think it is time for you to move over… #DarkChocolate  is Here!!!


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