Month: May 2014

……. Curves and Shapes

From my adventures in smoke collection, I leave you with Curves and Shapes.  Something I find fascinating of taking photos of smokes is the odd shapes that form with every click of the shutter.  And if the pattern is getting too repetitive and boring; a slight move of your wrist or gust of wind from your mouth will change that… Read more →


……. and it Dissolved

My adventures in Smoke.  Taking photographs of smoke is very interesting to me, I take hundreds and hundreds at a time.   The shapes and forms change every time, by just the simplest of movements.  A single breath, a wave of your hand, a flick of your wrist or a simple gust of a moving object.  A harsh gust of… Read more →


The Road Less Traveled

Haven't you felt sometimes that you are walking on this road, towards your destination…….. but you are not really sure where this narrow road is taking you.  When a suddenly bright and luminous highway suddenly changes into a tiny skinny dark road.  Where you may sometimes feel scared and afraid.   Don't worry, you are just walking the path of… Read more →