Month: June 2014

What did you do this past weekend?

That's usually what you get asked, right?  This time around …. my answer was a little bit out of the ordinary!! Ricardo Williams's Tandem skydive! +Jeff McDonald look what I did! 🙂 #Skydiving   #RicardoWilliamsBlog   This post has been reshared 1 times on Google+ View this post on Google+ Post imported by Google+Blog for WordPress. Read more →


When the Time Comes

On the wake of the fourth day, the skies were still dark and the dense cloud of fog and contaminated gas was still resting on the streets. Coming out of the crawl space was more a necessity than a move of courage.  It was an urge, lead purely by hunger and thirst.  A need to avoid starvation.   It was… Read more →


Just a Masquerade – Adventures in Smoke

Duplicity, duality, repetition, pattern   After a while of working with some smoke shots I wondered: What would they look by reflected into a mirror.  Would the effect make them more interesting or less appealing?  Will the curves and shapes be different or more interesting? Will it add or will it subtract? Will you see the same image or a… Read more →