Month: October 2014

Day 5

Sprinkle This is the fifth day of my #FiveDayBlackandWhiteChallenge   I was nominated by the talented +Kyra McDonald  and I gladly accepted. Today is the last installment of this challenge and of course I decided to close out with a self portraiture …. I call it Sprinkle Have you ever contemplated taking the camera into the shower with you?  Do you… Read more →

Day 4

Curves This is the fourth installment of my #FiveDayBlackandWhiteChallenge  I was nominated by +Kyra McDonald and I gladly accepted …. This is day 4 and I call it Curves This is another oldie but goodie.  There is something about smoke photography…. not sure if it is the quite peaceful dark environment of the setup, the sudden spark of light from the… Read more →

Day 3

Alone with your thoughts Last week I was nominated by +Kyra McDonald   to do the   #FiveDayBlackAndWhiteChallenge  and I gladly accepted …. This is day 3 and I call it Alone with your thoughts or Solitude whichever you like best. They are sometimes when we feel deeply in thought, as if our surroundings were not there, as if we were… Read more →

Day 2

Flurries Today is the second day of my #FiveDayBlackandWhiteChallenge   who I was invited to participate by +Kyra McDonald  …. I titled this one Flurries…. took it a while ago in one of those cold Winter days. Just memories as what's about to happen again soon……[Bleh] Now I would like to nominate +Kefa Olang  to participate in this challenge.  All… Read more →

Day 1

Ashley Marie Last week I was nominated by +Kyra McDonald  to do the #FiveDayBlackandWhiteChallenge  and I gladly accepted …. Today I am starting with my first image.  Here is one of the models I have had a pleasure to work with Ashley-Marie….  One of the best models to work with ever… hands down!  Now I would like to nominate +Nynke… Read more →