Month: May 2015

End of Times – Ominous

Weeks have passed since that time I ran into the group of savages. Thinking I would had to take them out one by one, I was relieved to avoid that altogether. The odds were definitely not in my favor. Just before I thought a face to face with the weakest link was imminent, they all ended up moving in another… Read more →

End of Times – Mayhem

Today is a rare day, I could see the sun. It gives me a sense of hope. An idea that spells that there could still be a future. It gives me a will to scavenge and search for food and ……. to search for her, my love! But the sun also shined with chaos and destruction. According to my calculations,… Read more →

End of Times – Day 38

I can't believe it has been more than a month. I am feeling tired and discouraged. I have not seen one human alive in all this time. Understandable? Yes, but nonetheless depressing. See, this gas kills 99.99% of all humans, and most animals. Only 0.015% of the human population is immune. I don't know if I am immune, and I… Read more →

End of Times – The First Night

What we had all feared began to take place. There was no safe place anymore, there was no peace or hope of it. The bombing and the looting, the fires and the screams…. but worst of all The Gas.That gas designed to eliminate every threat, any danger, hazard or menace….. in other words, everything and everyone. I am not sure… Read more →