Month: July 2015

End of Times – Search

Before I could turn around to check what this noise was, another noise, louder than the first one struck again. I identified it this time, it was a cracking sound. I have never heard it before. Then there was another, and another one. Before I could move to safety, as I figured out what was going on, the floor collapsed… Read more →


End of Times – Got my eye on you

I have been running rampant for weeks now…. I am guessing weeks, it feels like weeks. Heck, I haven't even been following time, it could be months. My focus is there but my goal is gone. My mission is now to survive, by all means necessary. Although I constantly, every day, struggle with the question: Survive for what? Why? What… Read more →


End of Times – Despair

I raced to the top of the stairs, to the wall behind the statue, and read the writing on the wall. It was less cryptic, it was direct, but it would only work if it was for the right person. – Your Birthday North, My Birthday East, for you a stride for some a leap. That is 16 strides North… Read more →