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My personal opinions and thoughts about different topics.

We are Family

They are things in life that can not be replaced or compared.  That can not be explained or completely understood. One of those things is family, but more precisely a mother-son relationship.  There is only one mom for every person, and my mom is most likely the best of them all. Being a mother is a very difficult task.  Raising… Read more →


What’s out there!

This is a view through my window, what we see through these panels is not always what’s outside. The views through our windows are not always the view of reality! See sometimes when we look, watch or see; our vision is already altered by what’s going on in our minds.  By a constant recurring though or  excessive thinking.  It can… Read more →


Hidden Bridge

Ask and it will be given; Seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened. Sometimes the connection from a problem (or an opportunity as others call it) to a solution is just a little way ahead, a bit further.  Just like a bridge hidden behind some trees and bushes.  It takes determination and perseverance to search for… Read more →


El Cantante

They are some songs that no matter when or where you listen to them, the message is always there.  Here is a  Salsa Song interpreted by one of the most famous Salsa performers of all time:  Hector Lavoe.  He represented and Era and a Time of pure salsa of the 70’s.  The lyrics of this song can represent and reflect… Read more →


Road to where?

Everyone has a road to follow, a path to walk, a trail to roam, a pathway to wander.  But where does it lead?  Between all the avenues which one should we follow?  That is part of the trial of life,  living,  existing.  A lot of us see the lane upon us but choose not to walk it.  Others don’t understand… Read more →


Those negative thoughts!

Haven’t you been in that spot several times before: You are there sitting, just thinking and wondering. And it seems that all that flow through your mind are those negative feelings. Why is he/she like that? Can’t things just be better? Didn’t he/she see the stop sign? He/She got it soooo good and can’t even appreciate it!! Yea is the… Read more →