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At the Park

During a photowalk last June in Chicago, Illinois our group wondered up and down North Ave. Beach.  It was a very jovial group and a great time. Most of our attention was towards photographing the skyline;  the weather was nice, and the evening was slowly turning into night. Clouds presented a perfect opportunity for shooting, it all seemed to work.… Read more →



Smugmug Project 52 Selfies | #Project52Selfies Week 13 So you know… when you get something in your mailbox, and you are like grinning when you hold the package in your hands.  Well that was me the other day.  So you wonder why I was grinning and smiling!! Well +SmugMug I got my Smugmug Hoodie, thanks to some amazing tips from the Queen… Read more →


PlusOneCollection and Me

Look what finally got delivered to my apartment, well actually it got delivered a week ago.  The PlusOneCollection Photography Book.  This book has the collective work of some of the best known photographers nowadays.  So, how did this happen? Well by now a lot of people know about Google+, this new platform developed by google to manage and attract social… Read more →



This is me in 2009…What you see in this photo is exactly how I was feeling.  My *feelings*, my emotions, my baggage, my confusion, my disbelief, my *pain*.  I had just purchased my DSLR which proved to be one of the most therapeutic and fantastic outlets for me at the time.  It was rough, it was tough, it was difficult,… Read more →


Smile – Eat – Receive

Last Saturday I was honored to attend and participate in the Smile – Eat – Receive Project, organized by the Dream Center Peoria (If you haven’t heard about them, you should look them up.  They do an amazing job for the community   This specific project itself is an opportunity to help those in need in the community, by providing… Read more →


Life is ephemeral

The title is as true as it is hard to comprehend.  But yes, Life is Ephemeral.  Wait, don’t reject the idea, don’t deny, obstruct, refuse, renounce it.  Don’t treat it as disbelief.  Just think about it for a while…. Let it rest in your thoughts, your mind, your thinking.  It’s really not that hard to believe, absorb, comprehend. Our physical… Read more →