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Split-tone five day challenge: Day Two

Footsies #SplitToneFiveDayChallengeI finally got a chance to process some images and be part of this split tone challenge.  So +Alan Shapiro, +Maki Silberberg  and +Paul Howard here is day 2: Footsies This image was previously desaturated and treated in Black and White, then it was split toned using the following specifications in Lightroom  Highlight hue of 64/Saturation 38Shadow hue of 343/Saturation… Read more →

Split-tone five day challenge: Day One

Just Walking #SplitToneFiveDayChallengeOk, I am late to the party, I know.  But better late than never.  I finally got a chance to process some images and be part of this split tone challenge. +Alan Shapiro  +Maki Silberberg and +Paul Howard called me out so here is my first contribution.   This image of The ladies was previously desaturated and treated in Black and… Read more →

PlusOneCollection and Me

Look what finally got delivered to my apartment, well actually it got delivered a week ago.  The PlusOneCollection Photography Book.  This book has the collective work of some of the best known photographers nowadays.  So, how did this happen? Well by now a lot of people know about Google+, this new platform developed by google to manage and attract social… Read more →

Hidden Bridge

Ask and it will be given; Seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened. Sometimes the connection from a problem (or an opportunity as others call it) to a solution is just a little way ahead, a bit further.  Just like a bridge hidden behind some trees and bushes.  It takes determination and perseverance to search for… Read more →

HOT Photo in JpgMag

JpgMag is a famous (online and printed) photography magazine. Each month they have competing themes where regular and professional photographers, upload images and participate to get their images published in the printed version of the JPG Magazine. It’s very interesting to see all the images posted by all photography enthusiasts and the imagination they use to participate in all the… Read more →

The Modern Executive Woman

I was approached by a very good friend about a photo shoot she wanted, obviously about herself.  She is a previous model and a joy to be around, so I gladly agreed to help her out in any way possible.  It wasn’t meant to be any professional shoot but classy and casual at the same time.  I suggested her place… Read more →

Don’t Underestimate the power or RAW

Let’s start this off with a little definition of RAW.  The RAW format (or NEF in Nikon literature = Nikon Electronic File) contain all the image data required by the camera sensor.  This image information is saved completely with the file which allows a more extensive use in post-processing. After a lot of shooting in JPG  and a lot of… Read more →

WB, ISO and Exposure

I have been shooting photographs for a while now and consider they are 3 very important things to keep in mind when taking any kind of photos, anytime.  Even though the automatic settings do a wonderful work (depending on your camera), never underestimate making the correct adjustment for your pictures to show the best vivid colors, brightness and contrast. WB… Read more →