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Extremities – Part 3 of 3

Confusion, distress, despair, hopelessness. Aren't we all sometimes in that place? We crawl, we scrape, we fight, we push, we shove. We do whatever it takes to get out of that dark place….. Do you still think you are not strong enough? When no other person is there, we hold ourselves together, we proliferate, we focus, we achieve, we hold… Read more →

Extremities – Part 2 of 3

We sit and we wonder, we ponder: where are we going, what are we doing? We look incredulous about our past/present, we wonder about our future.We plan, we concentrate, we shut out the noise, we keep distractions at bay. We set goals, we start the race, we fall, we don't finish, we don't end, we don't accomplish.We raise our palms,… Read more →

Extremities – Part 1 of 3

When we are down we find the strength to support ourselves, to hug ourselves, to comfort ourselves, to question ourselves and to wonder about ourselves …… While there, the point we always miss is: We are not weak, we are Strong! And our Strength is from Within #RicardoWilliamsBlog   Check this out on Google+ Read more →

Beautiful Portraits Photography Competition – 2nd Place

http://www.swpp.co.uk/beau/2nd.htm I want to thank The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (The Societies of Photographers) for selecting my image as one of the winners of their Beautiful Portraits Photography Competition. Sprinkling has given me a lot of happiness 🙂 Oh the Scavenger Hunt, the things you make me do with my camera. Thanks to everyone that supports my work… Read more →


I am just going to leave this right here …. Make your own story!! Hopefully after this I will start taking/editing more photos…..http://instagram.com/ricardowilliams16 #SelfPortraiture #SelfPortrait #Portrait #RicardoWilliamsBlog   Check this out on Google+ Read more →

The Fighter

Here we are, is the break in round 968, one minute before we go again. We sit, we rest, we breathe…. deep breaths. We are tired, down, drained…. we think we can’t go anymore. When we are in that corner we feel overwhelmed, week, tired…. sometimes disgusted, sometimes hateful, sometimes miserable or annoyed. Sometimes we feel hopeful, forgiven, believers, dreamers… Read more →